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    Robotic automatic rice production line

    Listing date:2022-03-17

    Description:It is suitable for large rice processing centers, fast food companies, large catering centers, enterprises and institutions, school canteens, brewing enterprises, etc.


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    Product introduction

    一、Compared with the ordinary rice production line, its highlight is that:

    1. Fully automatic control and excellent craftsmanship: The whole line adopts a computer automatic control system, which can accurately measure rice and water, wash rice gently, cook and stew rice accurately, automatically complete conveying pot, cooking rice, automatically uncovering lid, turning pot, washing pot, etc.

    2. The cooked rice is bright in color, rich in aroma, smooth in taste, moderate in softness, and soft and smooth.

    3. Save manpower: Compared with the conventional rice production line, at least two people are saved, which greatly reduces labor intensity and saves manpower.

    二、product description

    Regardless of whether energy-saving, space-saving and labor-saving design are the selection criteria, or the taste of rice is the selection criteria, the gas-type continuous rice machine will eventually be selected, which is the mainstream of industrialized rice machines.

    Using "linear flame" to cook rice, evenly heated and more delicious

    Equipped with 8 rows of burners parallel to the forward direction to form a linear flame, the effect of "rapid boiling - powerful convection cooking" that cannot be achieved by the flame of the H-shaped burner is achieved. Because the bottom of the pot adopts a uniform and uninterrupted strong flame, strong convection is always maintained in the pot, which can cook delicious rice with uniform taste and high degree of agglomeration (sufficient starch gelatinization). Moreover, because of the strong firepower, the cooking time is shortened, the work efficiency is high, and the energy saving effect is obvious.

    Three-dimensional structure of energy-saving and space-saving design

    The gas-type continuous rice machine has high thermal efficiency and saves fuel costs. It adopts a space-saving three-dimensional 2-layer structure. Use the heat generated by the combustion of the burner of the lower-level rice cooking equipment, continue to simmer on the upper layer, and use the high-temperature hot air at the outlet to cook to complete the ideal cooking temperature curve. The energy saving effect is outstanding.

    One person can also make rice very easily

    From washing rice to stewing rice, the whole process of cooking rice can be systematic, and the operation does not require complicated and complicated technology and proficiency. Even a large amount of work can be done easily by one person.

    It has achieved impressive performance that is unanimously trusted by the industry, and has become the mainstream of continuous rice machines.

    Efficiently cook a large amount of delicious rice while adjusting the heat and water. This is the ideal gas-fired automatic rice production line that can meet the requirements of various catering conditions. In order to utilize the heat generated by the combustion of the burner of the rice cooking equipment on the lower floor, a three-dimensional 2-layer structure is designed to cook rice on the upper floor. The rice-making capacity can reach 20 to 80 pots per hour (suitable for cooking rice in a 7kg pot with water), and there are 5 models. As a mainstream product in the rice processing area, this production line is well received.

    Unique rice cooker, aluminum alloy integral die-casting, non-stick coating, easy to clean.

    Water saving, sophisticated rice washing process

    Spiral or quantitative rice washing method saves water (0.8kg water/kg rice), reduces rice damage and nutrient loss.

    Make every grain of rice drink water

    The dispersive or concentrated soaking process is adopted to make the rice absorb water evenly to ensure that the rice is fully gelatinized during the cooking process, so that the rice tastes excellent.

    The gas-fired continuous rice machine cooperates with perfect peripheral equipment to make the whole rice cooking work systematized from storage to washing, soaking, filling, cooking, stewing, turning loose rice, and cleaning the rice pot. There are 5 types of rice cooking lines combined with peripheral equipment. According to the number of meals required and the purpose, the most suitable rice cooking system can be selected, and a large number of rice cooking tasks can be easily completed by a few people.


    Note: According to the "Advertising Law" and the instructions of the industry and commerce department, the new Advertising Law stipulates that no exaggerated and absolute propaganda words should appear in the company's publicity. Our company supports the new advertising law, and our company will also pay attention to the way of wording in copywriting. If there are any omissions, please do not hyphenate. The company does not accept or compromise any form of online fraud in the name of cracking down on online counterfeiting. Please give more encouragement and support to developing enterprises in China.

    Technical parameter

    modelDimensions(mm)cooking ability(kg/h)gas energy(kcal/h)Electric power(kw/380v)Gas caliberwater supply diameterDrain diameter

    Product picture



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